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Sito 8" (200mm) Standard Sand Scoop With Sharp - Mix

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Made of 2mm stainless steel - also known as inox steel. Width - 8 Inches (200mm). With round-shaped holes, our scoop has an edge over traditional square-mesh construction. Each hole is laser-cut at 7/16" – so it’s the perfect size for smaller rings and jewelry that other scoops tend to loose, but offers enough surface area to allow wet sand to fall through with a good shake. The big difference between our Sito scoop and others is the specially shaped flat part for the foot (thickness=3mm) which helps in digging for targets. When trying to dig, this flat part provides space to push down on with your foot, which is unlike the curves or sharp edges in many other scoops.

200mm scoop is emblazoned with a laser-cut Sito's logo.

Scoop Dimensions: 8" x 4.7" opening (200mm x 120mm)

Scoop Weight: 2.6 lbs (1200 g)

Handle opening is 1 3/8" (38mm)

1 year warranty

Customer Reviews

UK Beach Detecting
It’s difficult when reviewing not to revert or compare to another product, there are some solid scoop offerings in most markets and some of them are truly great pieces of engineering, I’ve been a avid fan of evolution for a good number of yrs, never really looking outside of their range and always been of the mind there is no substitute.

The current range of Sito scoops have been a pleasant surprise and a real eye opener offering affordability on a quality product that appears to be fit for purpose.

There are a few types of sand wanderers, occasional, seasonal, the cherry pickers, and the dig everything’s
Me, i fall into the dig everything’s, i like it busy, places even the best cherry pickers would find it hard to pick and choose, i leave nothing to chance and try to take the lot. I run my machines open full sense and normally 1 to 3 tone, it matters not if you’re digging everything that’s not iron, I’m not one for wasting my time on the same target twice and it’s as simple as Sand, to coil, to finds bag. This style of detecting normally puts most kit under increased strain.

I’ve wanted to try another scoop for awhile, I’ve tried a few over the yrs, the chance came on the Sito and i took it, I have to say the first glance left me pulling a mechanic style teeth suck as the words “is it going to take the shit” echoed around my head.

The Sito I’ve been using is the pointed 8" it weighs in at 1200g constructed with 2mm and 3mm laser cut inox stainless steel with a hole size of 7/16, Scoop Dimensions: 8" x 4.7" opening (200mm x 120mm) and has a flat angled plate for ease of foot placement at the rear and has a socket for a 38mm handle. (Supplied at extra cost).

It worth noting that there are different hole configuration designs with the newer models or updated design scoops. This doesn’t affect the scoops ability in any way and offers possible weight and small item retention variations between models.

First week - let’s just say i was ginger with it, resisting the urge to smash it in, prize stones
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