Minelab CTX3030 - 11" Coil Yoke Stiffener and Repair

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Minelab CTX3030 11" Coil Yoke Stiffener and Repair Yoke
The CTX3030 coil yoke stiffeners will make your coils less prone to breaking by reinforcing the existing yoke plates.
A. Full span inner support for maximum rigidity that some other types do not provide.
B. Direction to front of coil arrow for fitting correctly.
C. Extra lateral side supports.
D. Internal cable tie management with extended side grips to encapsulate the coil body and dissipate lateral loads.
E. Recessed coil bolt protection allowing use of standard coil bolt.
F. Extra wide strong coil lug supports.
G. 8mm coil bolt hole size.
H. Fully encapsulated coil mounting covers.

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