T-Shirt clip for the August aptx-ll receiver

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 little T-Shirt clip for the August aptx-ll receiver been driving me mad without being able to fasten it.

These modules are great with the Vanquish 540, nox 600 or 800 and allow you to connect to the machine in aptx low loss and act like a "Bluetooth" version of the equinoxes awesome wm08 module allowing you to connect any headphones wireless via the module to the above machines and a cheaper more flexible connection alternative.

There's a send and recieving kit available direct from Detecting innovations team or available single from various outlets over the web to convert any machine with a headphone jack to wireless and there's a system generated by most manufacturers.

I've been using the MR230b along side my Vanquish 540 as I have various preferred headphones and this unit allows me to use any as and when I like,

to say the audio on the vanquish is loud is a understatement and connected via this unit maintains that high level.

One of the features I like is being able to lower the sensitivity and then raise the volume to amplify those weaker target responses on the 540 whilst maintaining stability with no loss of audio limits.

The unit is small takes a few hours to charge via the mini usb b entry and has lasted 2 full day sessions with the pictured buds, it comes with a soft touch feel coating and once paired holds your machine in memory and takes around 8 to 10 seconds to connect.

The unit is aptx-ll branded by Qualcomm and drops the lag to around 40ms producing a quick audio response over the target and makes target retrieval and pinpointing far easier than non aptx-ll equipped Bluetooth devices and being able to tuck the unit inside my jacket when the heavens open means no issues with some less waterproof headphones.

* Module not include

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