Minelab Equinox 800 - 600 - 11'' Coil Yoke Stiffener and Repair

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2 In 1 - Stiffener and or Repair Yoke

No need of any special longer bolt uses the standard bolt supplied as with your detector.

Minelab Equinox 800 - 600 Coil Yoke Stiffener and Repair Yoke

The NOX 600 and 800 coil yoke stiffeners will make your coils less prone to breaking by reinforcing the existing yoke plates. There are 3 versions available one for the 11- and 15-inch coil and one for the 6-inch coil.

This version by extending over and down the sides of the coil main body greatly reduces the sideways load on the shaft mounting tabs.

If your yoke tab breaks off, you can use this part to repair the coil using two cable ties to hold the yoke plate in position securely.

This is for anyone who has a broken yoke already. It uses 2 cable ties to fix the repair block in place. To fit simply, disassemble the coil from the steam and put the repair block in place, and secure around the coil body with 2 X 5 mm cable ties. Reassemble the coil back onto the shaft placing the broken yoke tab in place to get the right spacing and you are done.

Equinox broken coil lugs

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